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biothane dog collars

Product Information

Collar Care

  • BioThane® and BioThane® Bling
    BioThane® is a very easy material to care for. If your dog’s collar gets dirty just wash in warm water and washing up liquid and then dry. You may need to gently brush any conchos and rhinestones to get “rolled in” dirt off.
  • Leather
    Use a soft clean cloth that has been put into warm water and then wrung out, and gently rub to remove any dirt and grease. Dry with a soft cloth. Apply a good quality leather cream, and buff when dry. Make sure you wipe any leather cream of any conchos, pearls etc.


  • BioThane®
    This has been has been used for many years with great success in equine endurance and driving harness. An article made of BioThane® will give many years of service while maintaining its good looks; Beware of cheap imitations who may initially look the same, but with time will crack and delaminate.

Advantages of genuine BioThane® are as follows;

  1. Beautifully, soft, supple like well oiled leather, even in cold weather.
  2. Easy to clean, Just wipe over with warm water after use.
  3. No need to oil or soap, just check over stitches and buckles.
  4. The colour will not fade, the item will stay looking good for a long time.
  5. It will not normally rub or chafe.
  6. It will not stretch.
  7. Easy to disinfect between animals.
  8. Waterproof, therefore will not crack or become stiff after being soaked.
  9. Resistant to bacteria and mildew.
  10. Biothane is a plastic coated polyester web and is very strong.
  • Leather uses a range of top quality leather, including sotf lamb nappa, calf, english saddle leather, and vegatable tan. These differant leathers allow us to offer a large range of unique collars.
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